Home Office Built-ins

With so many people working from home now, I am wondering how your Work from Home environment is working out for you? Many people may not have planned to have a home office, but are now finding themselves trying to carve out a space in their house to use the laptop, printer, files, briefcase, and office supplies. Depending on the amount of time you are at home versus at work, you may even require a more permanent space.

It may be time to step back and take a look at your workspace. Maybe it has gotten out of control and taken over much more space than you wanted? Or perhaps you don’t have a lot of office ‘stuff’ but the ‘stuff’ you do have is disorganized and spread out everywhere.

It could be time to consider custom office cabinets and storage. Imagine how nice it would be to have a place for everything and be able to work in an organized space where you can be productive! Replace that small desk with a larger one, install custom shelving to hold manuals, books, files, brochures, and supplies. You can even combine your regular home files (taxes, kids papers, medical files, receipts, invoices, etc.) with your business files and free up a space where these items used to be! There are many possibilities and we can help! Just Closets can meet with you to see what your storage needs are and come up with a design that will function well and look great!

Make your ‘work from home’ experience a good one by creating a great-looking, functional space that you will enjoy working in.

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