Custom Built Closet

Custom closet systems for walk-in closets turn a large space into a well-organized, beautiful space in your home. Walk-in closets are basically small rooms and need the structure and design that any other rooms have. Don’t feel that because there is a lot of space that you can just begin filling it up! Have a plan in mind.

You will want to consider style and function. With custom closet systems, we are able to offer a wide range of quality options. If you prefer a minimalist look, we can guide you in the direction of clean, simple lines. If you prefer a high-end look, we can suggest additional design details that are sure to impress! Ask us about adjustable options, so that the closet system can adapt and change as your wardrobe and storage requirements change.

Even walk-in closets should take functionality and storage into consideration. Your new walk-in closet may initially seem quite large, but soon it will begin to fill up. Make sure you make good use of the space that is there so you can optimize the area before it becomes disorganized. If there is enough room, entertain the idea of an island, vanity, or seating area. Instead of shallower cabinets, opt for deeper cabinets and drawers.

Your newly custom-designed and organized space will be a joy to use every day!


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