Today we’re going to talk about unique closet ideas that will get you starting to think outside the box as far as finding more storage and solving organization dilemmas you may have.

Office Example

First, let’s start with an example. You’re turned a spare bedroom into a home office. It’s a bit small, and a bit cramped, but it somewhat works. Since there’s a closet in the bedroom, you’ve taken all of the winter coats and stored them there until spring, when you switch with the spring jackets. Now, we’re going to no longer use this closet as a coat closet and use it to organize your home office.  We’ll make efficient use of the space to store supplies, files, books, and other items that are taking up space in the main room. We’ll install shelving and perhaps some cabinets. The bottom area will have a rolling file cabinet or two. Now we move all of the catalogs, notebooks, binders, and supplies into the closet. Perhaps even the printer will fit in there on a stand. Now you can re-arrange your office and take advantage of the extra space! Perhaps move your desk so you can easily turn in your chair and get something from the closet. You can use the extra space for a chair or two, a small sofa, or perhaps a few houseplants. Think of the possibilities!

Desktop Closet

Let’s list more ideas for that extra closet. How about installing a desktop area and shelves and use this space for your laptop? This could be where you sort through the mail, make to-do lists, and plan meals. Perhaps you have an area in the kitchen or dining room where your laptop and mail is piled up and insightly? Let’s move it all to a closet! You can even spruce it up with a pretty paint color or removable wallpaper.

Craft Closet

Are all of your crafts piled in a corner of your bedroom, or stashed in desk drawers? How about creating a nice craft area with that extra closet? Install a work surface and custom cabinets for storage. Store wrapping paper, bows, tape and scissors here, too.

Hall Closet

How about using that extra closet for storing medications, extra bathroom supplies, bathroom appliances such as straightening irons, and more? Offload some of the items from the limited bathroom storage and create a multi-purpose storage closet. Shelves and custom cabinets can be installed to help organize everything.

Toy Closet

Is your living room or play area overflowing with toys? How about using that extra closet for toy storage, plus multi-media storage? Deep shelves with bins can hold the toys, and small shelves can hold CDs, DVDs, video games, and accessories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on unique closet ideas and hopefully it will get you started thinking about some ideas for your home!

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