paint your closets for a finished look

I am surprised how often guests comment about how unusual it is that my closets (and laundry room) are painted! They wonder why I would even bother to take the time to paint inside the closets when no one besides me even sees them. It’s true that once your closets are filled, it can be a daunting task to take everything out and paint the walls. It’s a good idea to paint your closets before you move in.

There are several reasons why I paint my closets. Mainly I like how finished they look when they’re painted. If the walls in the bedroom are a light color, I will use that same color in the closets. If not, I’ll use a shade of white. It’s best to choose a finish such as satin, that will allow you to easily clean any marks, scrapes or scuffs on the walls. Also, a shinier finish rather than a flat finish will add just a little more light to the closet.

I also think that painted closet walls will give your home a better value. It’s one of those ‘attention to details’ points that show how much you care about the appearance of your home and are willing to invest the time into making it the best that you can.

Another consideration for paint color in your closets is to coordinate with the custom closet systems in your closet. If you have dark wood cabinets, you will want to choose a color that goes well with dark wood. If you have white, then you may want to choose something that gives a nice pop of color alongside the white.

Overall, I like the idea of painting closets. Why leave the closet walls unfinished when the rest of the walls are painted? Hopefully I have given you some good reasons and incentive to paint your closets. Painting the closet walls will give your house one of those ‘finishing touches’ that make it your home.

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