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You’ve just gotten your closets organized with custom closet systems, and you find that you still have too many clothes. What can you do? Here are some tips for optimizing your clothes closet: talks about paring your closet down to ten essential items! For her, this consisted of: jeans, black pants, khaki pants, a knit dress, a pencil skirt, two collared shirts, a cardigan, a blazer, and a white tee shirt. She explains the process and how to do it for your own closet. Personally, I think ten is just not enough! Not even close! But the idea is inspirational! has an article about paring your closet down to thirty items. It refers to it as a ‘capsule wardrobe’, which is made up of 30 to 40 high-quality, versatile items. The author of the article, Kathleen Elkins, experiments to see if she can come up with a capsule wardrobe. talks about the 40-hanger closet. Ruth, the author, describes how she reduced her wardrobe and how she kept the excluded items for a while just in case she ended up missing an item.

Heard of Project 33? It’s a fashion challenge that encourages you to wear only 33 pieces of clothing or less for three months.  The site has tips, ideas, stories, articles, and an entire community to support you in the process.

Hopefully these articles will inspire you to pare down your wardrobe. You never know – you may see benefits such as less time getting dressed in the morning, and the pleasure of seeing a streamlined, organized closet.

JustClosets of Northern Virginia can help! If you are ready to get your closets organized with custom closet systems, we are here to help!

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