Six helpful tips to maintaining your newly organized closet

So you have gotten new custom closet systems installed in your closets, and now you’re wondering how long they will stay nice and organized?¬†Here are some tips to help in maintaining your newly organized closet.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Do an annual clean-out — donate or sell clothes you haven’t worn in the past year; recycle clothes that are too stained or beyond repair.
  • Seasonally, store the out-of-season clothes on top shelves and move in-season clothes to the rods and reachable shelves.
  • Get in the routine of placing worn clothes into a nearby laundry basket.
  • Establish a bag or box for clothes, belts, shoes, or other items to be donated; take these items to a donation place once per month or as it becomes full. You’re more likely to donate these items if there’s a place to put them –otherwise they will remain in your closet.
  • On a weekly basis, or when you are doing laundry, take a few moments to fold and stack clothes, place shoes in pairs, gather empty hangers in one place, etc.
  • After a certain period of time, you may realize that there may be a more optimal way to store your clothes, for example, if you’ve been folding and stacking jeans on a shelf but are running out of shelf space, consider hanging the jeans on stackable hangers and use the shelf space for something else.

We hope these tips will help you maintain your newly organized closet.

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