Closet Makeover - Towels

Today I’d like to share some great ideas I’ve seen over the years for closet makeovers. These ideas combine not only installing a new closet system but re-thinking the purpose of the closet and making organizational changes throughout the house. Perhaps these ideas will inspire you to take an existing closet that isn’t providing much purpose and transform it. The new closet will become functional and a real asset to your house and to your life!

‘Junk’ closet becomes ‘cleaning supplies’ closet:

Do you happen to have a closet that has no single purpose? Is it just piled with an assortment of items that you can never find what you’re looking for? How about transforming the closet into a cleaning supplies closet? ¬†Think of all the cleaning items and related supplies that could all fit into this one space. These items could be: vacuum, carpet cleaner, broom, duster, mop, dustpan, dusting cloths, furniture polish, sprays, and refills.

Now picture how the closet will look with a custom shelving system installed. There would be a place for everything! Once you’ve loaded the cleaning items in, do you now have additional space to fill? How about hardware items, such as hammers, screw drivers, nails, light bulbs, air filters, power strips, extension cords, measuring tape, wood glue, etc. If you have even more space, how about adding a packing section – brown paper for wrapping boxes for shipping, scissors, tape, and markers.

Upstairs Hall Closet Becomes Linen/Supplies Closet:

Are the upstairs bathrooms too crowded with supplies? No place to store extra washcloths, towels, and extra bathroom tissue? How about cleaning out a hall closet and turn it into a linen/supplies closet? First, identify everything that could fit in the closet. This can include: sheets, pillowcases, beach towels, bath towels, washcloths, bath tissue, soap, shampoo, and other personal items/supplies. Meet with a closet designer to determine the optimal design for the closet based on the items that you’ll be storing there.

Now you have a closet dedicated to one purpose, and your bathrooms will now be less crowded with ‘stuff’. You’ll have more room in the bathroom so now it will feel bigger and look better.

Upstairs Hall Closet Becomes Medicine/Supplies Closet

This idea works well for a small closet. Do you currently have medicines and medical supplies stored all over the house? Bandaids in the kitchen, pain relievers in the bathroom, first aid kit in another bathroom? How about hair care appliances? Extra curling iron under the sink in one bathroom, extra hairdryers under the sink in another bathroom? How about dedicating one small closet for all of these items?

First, locate and organize all of the items that could go into the small closet. Next, consult with a closet designer to determine the layout of a custom closet design for this closet. Would a series of shelves be enough, or would you prefer some cabinets with doors, some slide-out shelves, or cubbies for the appliances?

It’s generally not a good idea to store medications in a bathroom due to the humidity. Storage in a closet is preferred, as some medications can be affected not only by humidity but also sunlight and heat. While you’re going through the medications, check expiration dates and properly dispose of any expired medications or ones that no longer need or use. There are more options now for safe disposal of medications. Check local fire department, sheriff’s office, or drugstores for ideas for disposal.

Once everything is loaded into the new closet, you’ll appreciate how easy it will be to find items. All similar items will now be in one place!

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