Dorm room closets can be a challenge. Typically they are very small and, without some type of storage system, can not hold much of the college student’s ‘stuff’.  A custom closet system can solve that problem! We can design a system that uses every inch of vertical space. We give careful consideration to how the space will be used, whether it be for clothes, or shoes, sports equipment, or miscellaneous items such as towels or supplies.


Another space-saving idea would be to change out the door for a bi-fold door or just remove the door. Some students use the closet as a desk area — the desk surface is in the closet and the student pulls up a chair. If needed, the desk surface can flip up when not in use. Combining the desk area with the closet can then free up space inside the door room itself.


College students can make the most of their small closet by utilizing hooks, storage baskets and bins, over-the-door storage such as the ones with pockets for shoes, scarves, socks, scarves or other clothing items. A hook can hold a laundry bag or pop-up basket instead of taking up floor space.


Clear storage bins with labels are a must-have for the small closet. Choose containers that are boxy like shoe boxes. Containers with angled or sloped sides or with bulky lids do not make the most of limited space.

Don’t Forget!

If the closet is tall, don’t forget to buy a short stool that can be used to step on to reach the higher shelves.

Dorm room closets can be a challenge, but Just Closets can help. We’ve got great ideas on how to maximize your college student’s storage space.

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