Closet Storage Accessories

When you think of closet storage, you think of shelving, rods, cabinets, and bins. There are other types of closet storage accessories that you may not have thought of.

Wire Bins

Wire bins are great for organizing and the benefits are that you can see what’s inside, and the clothing can ‘breathe’ and stay fresh instead of being closed inside a storage box.

Shoe Cubbies

Shoe cubbies are great for organizing your shoes as opposed to having a big pile of shoes on the floor or all in a row on a shelf. Separate cubbies will protect your shoes from scrapes and damage from being stored with other shoes. Cubbies can help organize shoes so that the most frequently used ones are at eye level and less frequently used pairs are higher or lower.

Tilt-out Bins

Tilt-out bins can be lined with a trash bag and used as a trash bin. A set of tilt-out bins can be used to sort dirty laundry (whites, darks, and delicates). Using bins in this way will eliminate having to use floor space for a trash can or clothes hampers. You can get creative with tilt-out bins and use one for sports socks, dress socks, gloves, or scarves.


Drawers have their place in closet storage also! Just think how neat and clean your closet will look with everything in its place and stored neatly in drawers. Not everything has to be visible when you walk in to the closet.  Drawers can hold folded or rolled tank tops, long socks, underwear, scarves, pajamas, sweaters and more.

Additional Ideas

Some additional accessories are tie racks, slide-out rods, jewelry trays, sliding baskets, and hat racks. If there’s a storage solution you need an answer for, just let us know. We have closet system design ideas and solutions and can help you have the closet you’re dreaming of!

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