Closet Design for Children

The keyword in closet design for children is ‘adjustable’! It makes sense and is perfectly do-able to design a custom closet for the age that the child (or baby) is now that can be easily modified for the child as he/she grows into their teens.

We design adjustable shelving and hanging areas that will allow the closet space to evolve with your child. There will be plenty of space for storing clothes and then, as the child’s interests grow, it can also house things like sports uniforms, dance outfits, and possibly even books.

Adjustable shelves can be raised or lowered as needed to accommodate items. Pull-out baskets can start out as storage for toys and then function as organizers for dance outfit accessories, collections, sports socks, and more. You can see how a closet with an arrangement of adjustable shelving can adapt for babies through teens very easily.

We hope this article will get you inspired to redesign your child’s closet space. We are one call away. We’ll sit down with you and create a new custom closet space that will keep your child’s clothes and storage neat, tidy, and adaptable!

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