The Unorganized Closet

How do we feel when we are living with unorganized closets? Are you wishing you had more shelf space, more poles for hanging space, or possibly some drawers or cubbies to help organize your clothing items? Do you dread walking into your closet because you can never find anything? Are you wearing the same clothes over and over because it’s too much work going through the piles of clothes to find what you’re looking for? If so, let’s talk about the benefits of an organized closet.

The Organized Closet

Imagine walking into an organized closet first thing in the morning and being able to reach straight for the pants, shirt, and shoes that you would like to wear. What a great way to start your day! Imagine being able to see all of your shirts at a glance, all of your pants, dresses, and shoes, at a glance. No more stress and wasted time!

There are no more piles because you are easily pulling out a few choices while the clothes are on the hanger, and then putting back the ones you don’t need. You’ll have a nice place for a clothes hamper.

Store your clothes by season. In the spring and summer, your fall and winter clothes can go elsewhere in the closet, perhaps on a high shelf or on a rod towards the back of the closet.

Ready to go clothes shopping? Stop by your closet first and make a note (or take a picture) of the clothes you already have so that you don’t buy duplicates.

Being organized feels great!. You are taking good care of your clothes by hanging them instead of throwing them into a pile. When you reach for clothes from your closet, they will be hanging neatly on hangers. They won’t be wrinkled as they would be if you pulled them from a pile!

An organized closet will contain only the clothing items that fit and that you will wear. After you organize your closet, sell, donate, or throw out any clothes that no longer fit. Also, weed out the clothes that you no longer like, or are worn out. Read our post on How to Organize Your Closet for more information.

Becoming Organized

So now that you are aware of the many benefits of having organized closets, take action? Get started by having some custom closet systems installed. And that’s where Just Closets of Northern Virginia can help. Contact us to get started today!

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