bedroom closet system

One of my favorite ways to get clients excited about installing a new bedroom closet system in their house is to show them before and after photos of recent projects I’ve completed.


In the first photo below, you can see in the ‘Before’ photo, the back shelf has piles of clothes. This is very common in our closets, isn’t it? But it is not really practical, because it’s very hard to find anything in those piles. And, when you take an item out of the stack, it leaves behind an even messier pile than when you started. Most of the time, you can’t wear the item because it has fold lines and creases from being in a big pile.

Attempts at Organization

In the ‘Before’ photo, you can see that my client had added various types of storage containers, but they are all hidden below the racks of clothes. She had to get down on the floor to open the drawers to locate various items.


How does the ‘Before’ photo make you feel? When you walk into a closet like this one, do you feel defeated even before you start? Maybe you feel that the sooner you can get your item and get out, the better? Does it make you feel like throwing your hands up in frustration and giving up on ever having an organized closet?

Bedroom Closet system before and after

The Difference is Amazing!

Now, look closely at the ‘After’ photo. Which closet would you prefer using? Does it make you feel like you’ll be successful at quickly locating the article of clothing that came in looking for? From one vantage point, you can see everything. This closet system has pull-out drawers, shelves, and rods that come together to provide a level of organization that will replace that frustration with calmness and confidence. This is the closet that you will enjoy spending time in, will be motivated to keep organized, and be proud of. No more getting down on the floor, reaching under the racks of hanging clothes, trying to find that pair of shoes or purse that you are sure is buried somewhere in there.

I hope this article has inspired you to take action on the disorganized closets that you are dealing with day in and day out. It’s time to take the next step, give Just Closets a call, set up an appointment, and before long, your closets will look and function like you’ve always dreamed! We’ll help you design the perfect bedroom closet system for your space.

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